Say Goodbye to Overwhelm, Clutter and Frustration.

Go From Chaos and Clutter, to Clean and peaceful!

✔ Even if you feel hopeless

✔ Even if you don’t have any support

✔ Even if you have tried a million times and nothing’s ever worked

✔ Even if you have a low budget because you can name your price!

Tidy Tutor University is now The Tidy Tutor Masterclass and it has become a ministry for me. This information should not be kept from those who need it.

I have it set so that all can afford this course.

Course tuition is $497.00.

Our sustainable price is 197.00.

Pay what you can

(When you click to sign up, I have it set that you can pay as little as $25.00, you can enter your own price)

If you want/need to pay less than our minimum, you do not need to ask if it’s okay. I really trust you. If you ask us, “I need to pay less than $97, is it okay?” our answer will always be, “Of course! I trust you and your own knowledge of your financial situation.”

You are in the right place IF…

You long for a home that is comfy and inviting

You wish you had time to do simple things, like bake cookies, watch movies guilt free and just relax with your feet up if you felt like it

Having a welcoming, organized and peaceful home has always been a dream of yours, BUT you’ve never been able to make it happen no matter how hard you’ve tried

People who you work with think that you are the most organized person in the world BUT at home you are a mess

There are so many things you would like to do but you can’t get out of your own way to make every day things like getting to work on time, have food in the house for dinner and keeping up with laundry to even consider anything extra

You have ever wondered what was wrong with you and why you couldn’t get it together like all your friends (I felt the same way and I discovered that there is nothing wrong with me, and I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with you either!)

You ever wondered why you’ve not been able to follow all the guru’s helpful tips

You’ve picked up every magazine at the checkout with the promise of making decluttering easy as a headline, and for as long as you could remember only to find yourself wondering why the heck it’s not easy for you

So what exactly is The Tidy Tutor Masterclass?

I developed The Tidy Tutor Masterclass (formally known as Tidy Tutor University) because I was constantly struck with shame and guilt about the state of my home and life. How was everyone else I knew able to live such ordered lives that they were proud of, and no matter how hard I tried I only ended up with chaos.

If you're like me you tried so many things, and picked up every magazine at the checkout that had anything to do with organizing, homemaking and decluttering and was left feeling completely deflated.

I found out that there was nothing wrong with me and lerned how to get it togetehr in a way that worked for my personality type. I put it together an easy STEP by STEP approach, that will empower instead of overwhelm you.

Inside The TIdy Tutor MasterClass You Will:

Get control of your home and life

Learn a system that gives you focus and direction so that you can spend your time living life instead of always cleaning it up

See a big difference right from the start

You don’t have  to wait weeks or months for a change. No matter what shape the house is in now, you will see and feel results right away.

Gain Confidence and Clarity

It is about you becoming the master of your house and not the other way around.  How would you love to live everyday knowing “I got this”

Get Off The Shame and Guilt Treadmill

There is nothing wrong with you.  We won’t be “fixing” you, simply giving you the strategies and skills to totally free you from this burden.

Always feel like you're on top of your game

Know what to do and when to do it.. Right from the start, feel confident with a plan that allows you to work at your own pace

Step by step how-to instruction

The course is designed with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with no overwhelm and no frustration.

Learn a Tried and Proven Methods That Work

No Gimmicks and no “band aid” approaches here.  This program will get results for you as it has for hundreds of women

Have Guilt Free YOU TIME & a Clean House

As you develop the skills and strategies I teach, you will find yourself with extra guilt free time to do the more important things that nourish your soul.

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What Our Customers Say

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Nicole Walters

I am grateful beyond words for finding Kathy Roberts and her Tidy Tutor University. I have been struggling for years & years in trying to get and keep my home decluttered and organized. After attempting and failing other endless plans and books, I’m so thrilled to have finally found the key & saving grace for me & my crazy right brain self with Kathy’s program!!

Amy F.

You are my hero! TTU is Amazing! I have struggled all my life with trying to be organized…You have already changed my life. To me it is a minor miracle that I don’t ever have to worry again about my bathroom being “company ready”… I can just relax when an unexpected visitor asks to use the restroom and know that it is clean and sparkling!

Linda W.

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